Woman Opens New Pill Bottle From Pharmacy, Then Immediately Calls Authorities

Amber Johnson went to Wal-Mart to purchase some medication one day and while this might sound like a ho hum story to most, this seemingly normal purchase set the stage for a story that is highly unusual. The usual pills that Amber is accustomed to purchasing had been replaced and most disturbingly of all, the typical green tablets that she takes weren’t even present.

Instead, these pills had been replaced by a completely different brand of medication and they were also crushed up. Amber was puzzled by this development, since the pills were in a bottle that had not been tampered with in any way. She decided to contact the manufacturer of the medication to find out more about why this awful occurrence had taken place.

The person who she spoke to was just as shocked as she was and had no idea how the bottle of pills had even made its way to Amber. This bottle of pills was not made at the same plant as the medication that Amber typically relied upon and most mysteriously of all, no one seemed to know how the bottle of crushed up pills that Amber had purchased had even ended up in the store in the first place.

The department store was also contacted and they took all of the bottles off the shelves until they could get to the bottom of the issue. Amber was worried that other buyers would not take the time to look into the matter like she did. After all, a tired purchaser might simply think that the manufacturer had altered their pills and taken them anyway.

While these pills may not have caused any serious repercussions if they had been taken by Amber, a story like this makes us wonder how many other incidents like this one take place each day. If someone could smuggle this bottle of pills into a store like Wal-Mart, what would happen if someone decided to do the same with illegal drugs in the future?

An accidental ingestion of an opioid could the person to become addicted and this is something that stores and manufacturers should be working tirelessly to avoid. If you are someone who regularly takes over the counter medications, it is in your best interests to remain vigilant. Be sure to pass this story along to your friends and loved ones, so that they can remain safe as well.

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