Woman Sits On Toilet Seat When Suddenly Skin Starts Burning. Looks Down And Knows

Restrooms are considered to be a germ factory and for very good reason. This is especially true of public restrooms and the toilets are especially problematic from a germ standpoint. If you are not careful, you could be placing yourself at risk. It is possible to contract various diseases by sitting on a public toilet, such as the common cold and you may even contract an STD in the process.

The organisms that dwell on a toilet seat are not always easy to transmit, though. While we have all had that moment of anxiety when we sit down on a public toilet seat, it is high time that we take a closer look at the toilets in our own homes. Infections can lurk in the places where we least expect them to and this story is a prime example of this fact.

This story took place in the town of Wayne, Michigan, where one woman’s toilet led to her experiencing a rather uncomfortable health related issue. Lucietta Miles’ bathtub had been inspected by contractors in July and the chemicals that were used were improperly disposed of. One of the workers simply decided to pour them into the toilet and did not even bother to flush.

These powerful chemicals needed to be disposed of properly and we cannot believe that these workers were so foolish. Not only did the chemical leave a terrible scent, but the woman also experienced a burning sensation as soon as she sat down on the toilet. The improper disposal of the chemicals caused her to suffer first degree burns on her backside.

Can you believe that the parties responsible for the burning have yet to rectify the situation? Lucietta asked building management to clean up the situation or allow her to move to a different unit. She has yet to receive a reply and she may be forced to leave the place that she has called home for six years now as a result of this gross negligence.

Thanks to the help of her local news station, she is doing everything in her power to alert other local residents to the reality of her situation. This story serves as a powerful lesson to the rest of those who are reading: take a moment to check your toilet seat before sitting down, so that you can avoid an instance like this one. Pass this clip along, so that your friends and loved ones can learn more about Lucietta’s story.

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