Woman Spots A Dead Dog On The Side Of The Road, Is Stunned When The Dog Is Still Responsive

Judy was out for a drive in Fort Worth (in the Echo Lake region) when she came across a dog that was sprawled out on the side of the road. She knew all too well that this was an area where people felt more than comfortable with the prospect of abandoning their dogs. While she was under the impression that the animal had already died, she decided to take a U turn and find out more about the matter.

Once she turned around and took a closer look at the dog, she was shocked to see the animal looking back at her. Judy’s reason for concern was an understandable one, as she is someone who works with pets who find themselves in these predicaments on an everyday basis. Her role as the founder of The Abandoned Ones, an animal rescue organization, made her uniquely attuned to the suffering of dogs like this one.

Over the course of the past six years, Judy has worked tirelessly to save the lives of hundreds of dogs. She could not allow this one to die on the side of the road, so she took the animal under her wing and name her Mercy. When the dog was first found, she did not have the ability to walk and needed to be moved to the car by Judy herself.

From there, Judy brought her to a local clinic and the poor pup was whining in pain throughout the entire journey. According to the X-ray scans that were taken, Mercy had suffered from a few broken bones. She had not been struck by a car and it was believed that she had been abused by her past owners. A scar on her body looks much like a marking that would take place as a result of being restrained with a rope.

A staff member at the animal hospital elected to serve as Mercy’s foster parent. She will be ready to join a forever home in a few months, when her recovery is complete. Seeing this dog on video makes us wonder how anyone could ever willfully choose to treat her so poorly. She is a kind and sweet dog who is bound to make a wonderful addition to any home that is willing to take her in and provide her with a new life.

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