Woman Who Stabbed Her Boyfriend Walks Free For An Outrageous Reason

When we hear about heinous crimes of this nature, our first instinct is to cross our fingers and hope that the parties responsible are made to suffer the consequences for their actions. Whenever an assault or a murder takes place, the effects that these crimes can have on a person (and their families) can be very difficult to overcome over the long haul.

Atrocious actions deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Lavinia Woodward seemed to have the world on a string. The 24 year old student was studying to become a medical professional and was already well on the way to obtaining the necessary degree. One night, after consuming drugs and alcohol, she stabbed her boyfriend with a knife and an arrest took place shortly thereafter.

The case seemed to be rather open and shut. However, the most incredible sequence of events unfolded once she was placed in front of a judge. The young woman’s dream of becoming a heart surgeon after graduating from Oxford University’s Christ College was hanging in the balance. She had allowed drugs and alcohol to alter her typical characteristics and was set to pay the price.

Lavinia stood accused of attacking her boyfriend Thomas with a knife because he had threatened to tell her parents about her partying during a heated argument. Her family posted bail and she attended a rehabilitation program. She pleaded guilty to the charges and expected to be sentenced to a lengthy prison term as a result of her actions.

Shockingly, the judge elected to let her walk free, with just 18 months of probation! Her boyfriend and his family were flabbergasted by the verdict. The judge had elected to show leniency because of the young woman’s bright future. He noted that she had yet to be in trouble with the law before and was willing to chalk the incident up to a “one off”.

She may have escaped a long prison sentence, but she has yet to resume her education. While it is infuriating that the judge saw fit to give her a mere slap on the wrist, there are others who are likely to be more sympathetic to Lavinia’s cause. Be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones, as it is sure to spark some serious debates as to whether this sentence was punishment enough.

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