Woman Struggles To Learn Yoga Pose, Dog Teaches Her How In Hilarious Fashion

One of the most adorable aspects of dog ownership is watching them emulate our actions and attempt to act just like us. As long as they are able to watch their mommies and daddies as they make their way through the house, all is well. Having a companion who is excited to see you and wishes to be just like you is one of the most rewarding experiences that a person can ever enjoy.

When the woman in this clip sets down her yoga mat, you would be forgiven for thinking that you are about to watch a same old same video about an average person’s yoga related experiences. However, this clip comes with a major twist. Her adorable pup has decided to come along for the ride and judging from his actions, he wants to gain all of the same benefits from yoga that his mother does.

This dog is definitely a tricky one, as he goes from sitting down next to his owner in a contented manner to attempting to showcase his own skills in record time. His ulterior motive soon becomes clear and you will be hard pressed not to laugh your butt off at his actions. He watches his mother as she attempts to take one of the most difficult yoga positions of all.

The position is referred to as “eka pada sirsasana” and it is typically only utilized by the most advanced yoga participants. A wide range of muscles are required to hold the pose and it places a sizable amount of strain on the upper thighs, back and neck. But for a dog, this position looks like nothing more than simply tossing a hind leg around the neck and calling it a day. No big deal, right?

The dog in this clip makes yoga look easy and puts this woman to shame in the process. All of the hard work that she has put into achieving this level of proficiency and one silly pup arrives on the scene to one up her. He is able to mirror her pose perfectly and we cannot stop laughing at how easily yoga seems to come to this awesome dog.

The way he looks at his mother is absolutely priceless and it is as if he is trying to tell her that she’s making a really easy pose much more difficult than need be. Perhaps she needs a bit more practice and maybe she needs to take lessons from her dog in the future. Either way, this video that you are about to watch is doggone funny and you should definitely pass it along to your friends and loved ones.

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