Woman suffers a terrible seizure and passes out, then her service dog saves her life


For many people, the presence of a helpful service dog is all that saves them from a life of pain and suffering. Service dogs are alert, attentive and ready to handle every problem that comes their way and without their assistance, the world would be filled with lonely humans.

Thanks to service dogs, those who suffer from a wide range of unique conditions are able to receive that they need in a timely manner and this is definitely true for the woman that you are about to meet. Her name is Janaye and with the help of her service dog, she is able to live a normal life even though she has been diagnosed with syncope.


Syncope is a heart condition that causes seizures and random spells of passing out and those who suffer from it are often forced to live in fear. However, Janaye has found a great service dog named Colt, who has learned how to take care of her and can alert her up to 15 minutes before a seizure is about to take place.

This allows her to get to a safe place and lay down before she has a chance to hurt herself. He even stays by her side while she is passed out, making sure to lick her hands and monitor her breathing until he is sure that she is going to be okay.

Janaye credits her service dog with providing her with an opportunity to live a more normal life. Service dogs are some of the most amazing creatures on the planet, able to provide valuable assistance to those who have disabilities that are not immediately visible.

The following video serves a great reminder of all the things that service dogs can do and gives viewers a chance to get to know Janaye and Colt a little better, so be sure to pass it along to your friends and family.

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