Woman suspects her boyfriend has been cheating, then she gets a call from her doctor


When someone comes to the realization that they have been infected with the HIV virus, there is a certain grieving process that they are forced to endure. While this diagnosis is already a painful enough experience for those who are made to deal with it, learning that a trusted partner knowingly infected you only makes matters much worse.

Diane Reeve fell in love with a man named Philippe and when his behavior suddenly started to change, Diane was led to believe that he was not being faithful. She would eventually find voicemail messages that served to confirm these suspicions and she broke up with him as a result.

She learned that he was seeing a vast array of other women and worst of all, he was keeping his diagnosis a secret in order to continue his philandering ways. Diane and the other women decided that it was time to band together, so that this man could finally be brought to justice for his monstrous actions.

He was then changed with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and every woman involved in this ordeal agreed to testify against him in a court of law. Thanks to the efforts of these women, he has now been sentenced to 45 years in prison and can no longer spread the virus any further.


Diane is now a public advocate for the disease and she aims to remove all of the societal stigma that surrounds it. She has found healing, thanks to the guilty verdict that was rendered against her ex boyfriend and we wish her all the best going forward.

Please share the video clip below and assist her in the fight to spread awareness. Once you have become familiar with Diane’s experiences and how she chose to handle them, pass this clip along to your friends and family members on Facebook.

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