Woman’s Bikini Selfie Ended Up Saving Her Life

Bikini selfies have become incredibly popular in recent years and they provide young women with the chance to strut their stuff and showcase their self confidence in a public forum. While most bikini selfies are just a harmless form of self expression, this girl’s selfie actually ended up saving her life.


She snapped a photo and shared it with her friends on social media, not thinking anything of it. However, Cloe had one spot of her body that she would typically try to hide in her photographs. She had a small mole on her stomach that tainted all of her selfies and she wanted to have surgery to remove it.


Finally, she had a doctor take a closer look at the mole and since it had begun to shift in size and coloration, this set off a few alarm bells for the physician. He ordered further testing on the mole and it was revealed to be cancerous.


This unsightly blemish was actually a form of melanoma and this form of cancer has become one of the deadliest in young people. Over 2,000 people die as a result of melanoma in each year in Great Britain alone and if not for this girl’s selfie, she may have never caught onto her condition in time.

She underwent immediate surgery to remove it and while it did leave an unsightly scar, she is not ashamed. In fact, she is showing it off as a means of raising awareness about the dangers of skin cancer. Unless she had nipped the cancer in the bud, it could have spread to other vital organs and became a far more serious issue.

Please share this story with your family and friends who enjoy fun in the sun, so that they remember to take the proper precautions prior to their sun exposure. And if someone ever tells you that you take too many selfies, be sure to let them know that selfies save lives!

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