Woman’s iPhone Saved Her Life During The Las Vegas Shooting

The Las Vegas shooting that recently took place at a Jason Aldean concert has left observers shocked and stunned that such evil can still exist in the world. There are many who have used this tragedy as an impetus to push for stricter gun laws and while this is of little solace to the 59 people who were killed, the 515 people who were injured and the family members that were affected, it is believed that the casualties were limited by the heroes who risked their own safety to help those affected.

While a number of casualties were prevented by quick thinking concertgoers, the woman in this story had her life saved by her iPhone. This woman has yet to be named, but she showed the phone to a local taxi driver as proof that it had stopped a bullet and the driver took a picture of the aftermath in order to prove that this story was true.

We do not know exactly where the phone was kept during the shooting or her precise location. However, we do find ourselves wondering what would happened to this poor woman had she not placed her iPhone in the proper location. Most of us will never know what it is like to find yourself in the line of fire and we cannot begin to imagine her level of fear in this moment.

You might find yourself thinking that this is the very first time an iPhone is responsible for saving the life of someone who found themselves facing a hail of gunfire. When a student at Fresno State University was mugged, their phone reportedly saved them from a serious gunshot wound. A valet worker in Atlanta also reported a similar incident.

The bullet would have struck the man in the chest, but the HTC phone in his jacket pocket saved his life. iPhone owners everywhere who treasure their ability to use their phone for a variety of different functions will be happy to know that their mobile devices are also able to stop bullets…should the occasion ever arise.

Our hearts go out to all of those who have been affected by the tragedy that took place in Las Vegas. Words cannot describe the sadness that we feel and we would like to take this opportunity to send out our deepest condolences to the family members of those who were affected.

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