Woman’s wallet was stolen. 8 years later a cop returns it and is shocked when she looks inside

Getting your wallet stolen is obviously less than ideal and when this unfortunate event takes place, there is a typical cycle that unfolds. We are frustrated and angry, then we are sad and disappointed and from there, we slowly start to realize that the wallet is gone and that we are never going to see it again.


While this story might be all too familiar for some, one Boston woman experienced a very unique twist. Courtney Connolly lost her wallet in 2009 while she was in nursing school and even though she had long since forgotten about this incident, her story has a very happy ending.


The details as to how she got the wallet back are very unclear, but one thing is for certain: she has a good Samaritan in her corner somewhere. Not only was the wallet returned to Courtney in pristine condition, but all of her cash and credit cards remained fully intact.

The Boston police received the wallet and used one of Courtney’s old pay stubs to find her sister in law. Once they had found her family member, it was only a matter of time before the wallet made its way back to its rightful owner once and for all.


This incredible story has an even crazier twist. Courtney was short on money and her budget is very right while she is in nursing school. She was in need of $140 to enter a power lifting competition and when the wallet miraculously made its way home, guess how much money was inside? $141!


Courtney is now trying to connect with the mystery wallet retriever and thanks to the visibility of this story, perhaps this dream can now become a reality. Please spread the love and share this story with your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.

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