Your iPhone can do more than you think. Here are 8 nifty tricks you had no idea about

Thanks to smartphones, we now have the ability to do things that we never thought were possible. But did you know that there are additional hacks you may not have considered? Read on to learn more about the following tricks and tips….

You can create the illusion that you have cloned yourself and all it takes is a friend who is willing to help. A normal panoramic photo where you stand at the frame’s edge gets the process started and every time you friend pans past you, you can repose at different spots in the frame.

Taking still photos while filming a video is easier than you think. When you see a moment that looks like a great standalone picture, simply tap on the shutter button located to the left of the record button.

For vertical panoramic shots, start off in panoramic mode and flip the phone into a vertical position. From there, keep the arrow on the line as you pan upwards.

Getting the perfect action shot does not have to be as challenging as you think. Just hold the shutter button down and take as many pictures as needed, so that you can go through and find the right one.

You can even fix those crooked horizons that keep your shots from looking their best. Just go into the phone’s camera settings and turn “grid” on.

To take selfies with one hand, all you need to do is press the volume button while the camera is open to make the process easier.

Did you know that your iPhone can be used as a level? the iHandy Level app is your friend and is often utilized to make sure things are level.

To find your friends who are in crowded areas (like beaches and parks), simply open your conversation that you are having with them and click the send my location option. From there, the map application allows you to navigate.

Please share these awesome hacks with your friends and loved ones!

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