These 11 Beanie Babies Hiding in Your Attic Could Make You Rich

Back in the 90’s, there was a lot of fad’s: Garbage Pail Kids, scrunchies and of course Beanie Babies!  Those adorable little-stuffed animals were everywhere you looked, even McDonalds had them in their happy meals. People actually started collections of them since there were limited edition and rares in hopes that one day they would pay for college.  Well ‘one day” has finally arrived!

If you are lucky enough to still have a select few of these Beanies Babies they are selling for A LOT of money on eBay these days – some will pay for college and then some!

Not even kidding!

There are 11 Beanie Babies dubbed “the most valuable” of all times.  Hopefully you are lucky and have one stashed away.

1. Large Wallace with Cashew and Huggy

This gang of three green Wallaces and their other bear buddies is currently $680,000!

2. Princess Bear

This one hurts the most because I know I had this one (maybe I still do). The 1997 Princess Diana commemorative bear will set you back $675,000.

3. Big and Small Peace Bears, Plus Ringo and Bones

This groovy set of beanies is priced at $358,000!

4. Bubbles

This cute little sea creature is worth about $176,000.

5. Patti

Patti in its original form wasn’t a rare Beanie Baby but the magenta version sure is. This one comes in at a whopping $19,500.

6. Blackie the Bear

7.Claude the Crab

This crustacean with its original poem written on his tag is worth $30,000!


This drake mallard is worth the price of a small car…$19,000!


The bear with the halo above her head is floating up towards $13,500.

10. Holiday Teddy

This limited-edition Beanie is currently being sold for a cool $10,000!

11. Snort

Last but not least the bull named Snort. This is another one I am sure I had in my collection and it’s priced at $7,500!

Do you own any of these valuable Beanie Babies? If so, do you plan on selling them or risk keeping them for bigger money?

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