20 Before And After Photos That Prove Beards Can Make A Man More Attractive

Beards may seem like a trend to some but for the men who have been rocking them for years, they are the furthest thing from it. Whether you are a stylish fellow or more of the lumberjack type, a beard allows you to stand out from the crowd. Some men go for the more tamed look and others may choose to let their beard grow wild and free.

Be sure to check out the following photos and pass them along. These men are here to prove that beards equal instant handsomeness.

This does not even look like the same person. We can barely believe our eyes.

Here’s another one that will have you wondering if someone pulled the old switcheroo.

This is one man who definitely knows how to take care of his beard.

Pardon us while we take a minute to compose ourselves.

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This man was already attractive enough before growing a beard. No fair!

We often wondered what this man would look like with a beard. Now, the mystery is over.

Image Source: jhenderson_90 / reddit  

What a difference 13 days makes, huh?

These are the sorts of transformations that we find ourselves swooning over.

Image Source: Cottonsoft / reddit  

The eyes say it all, don’t they? He knows that you are looking!

Beards tend to offer a far more mature look, don’t they? Or at least we happen to think so.

The beard is a nice touch and this man’s hair color has also changed a bit.

Can you believe that only five years passed in between these photos being taken?

Image Source: ViktorErikJensen / reddit  

Beards can definitely cause a man to appear to be more stern than expected.

What an unbelievable step up for this man….and he was already quite handsome!

We cannot get enough of these old pictures. It is so much fun to see the stylistic evolution of these men.

He ditched the glasses and added the beard. Now, he looks like a whole new man.

This is a total and complete transformation. We cannot believe our eyes.

In our humble opinion, this man should have made the switch to being a beard owner a very long time ago. Just our two cents.

Our friend here may have added a beard but he still has the same adorable smile as before.

This Swedish man is making a reverse transformation (as opposed to the rest of these men) but he is still quite the dashing fellow.

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