5-Year-Old Girl Plays With 14 German Shepherds – This Is What Heaven Must Be Like

Norway’s Kennel Finika was the setting for this incredible story. One special little girl was given the chance of a lifetime and she seized the moment with both hands. It is not every day that a little girl gets the chance to play with this many German shepherds. Can you believe that fourteen of these dogs were present on this fateful day? What an amazing occurrence.

Fortunately, video was captured, so that audiences at home would have the chance to check this one out for themselves. While there are some who may panic at the idea of a child playing with this many German shepherds, these fears are unfounded. These dogs are not going to hurt children. As with any dog breed, the manner in which a dog interacts with little ones is all in the training.

If dogs are taught to be harmful to children or encouraged to act violent, this is the sort of behavior that they will embrace. The dogs in this clip, on the other hand? They have received the proper training and are able to enjoy spending time with children. The moments that have been captured here will have viewers grinning from ear to ear.

This is fun in its purest form. We wish that we could go back to the days of frolicking in the fields. When Pernille tosses grass up into the air so that the dogs are able to catch it, we roared with laughter. It is clear to see that these dogs are definitely enjoying this little girl’s company. Who wouldn’t want to run around and play outside like this?

A game of catch breaks out but one of the dogs decides that they are looking to play a more traditional game of fetch. Pernille is given a stick by one of the larger dogs and encouraged to toss it around. She does not actually make her way to the stick that was provided. The dogs are delighted when she manages to locate a smaller stick that is closer by, though.

Would you like to check out this awesome clip for yourself? If so, please be sure to take a closer look at the video below. We are jealous of Pernille’s big day out and will be booking a trip to this kennel as soon as possible. Don’t ever let the haters tell you that German shepherds and children are unable to get along together! Share away, people.

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