Adorable Cat Crashes Fashion Show And Tries To Pick Fights With The Models

We never stopped to think of the fact that a catwalk could be used by an actual cat. A recent Turkish fashion show was the setting for just such an event. This cat decided that it was their turn to strut their stuff and the results will have you screaming with laughter. What an attention hog! She was going to steal the spotlight whether these people liked it or not.

This story took place at Istanbul’s Esmod International Fashion Show. While fashion industry types are notoriously hard to impress, those who know them best are aware of their sense of humor. They did not see the cat coming and they were shocked at first. However, they were able to get over it fairly quickly and they did not mind watching her show off a little bit.

No one knew where the cat had come from but the cat’s motives were not very hard to figure out. She saw that she had a captive audience and she was not going to waste a moment. This is pretty easy to relate to. The best part isn’t when the cat decides to take the stage. It is when she decides that she is going to attack the other models for being in her way.

These mini attacks are so adorable, it is hard to even get mad. She is definitely….catty. Sorry, we will see ourselves out. Her ability to get along with the other models is certainly in question but she already has her runway walk all figured out. What a clever cat. She has already mastered the part of runway modeling that is most difficult.

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One of the show runners was even asked if the cat would be allowed to come back to strut her stuff in the future. It certainly cannot be ruled out, right? Just look at the way this cat commands the runway. She is an absolute natural. We find ourselves more than a bit jealous. This is the type of talent that cannot be taught under any circumstances.

If you laughed at this cat’s antics as much as we did, please be sure to pass this story along. Cats are known for their attention seeking and anyone who has a cat of their own at home can definitely relate to what is taking place. They have a way of showing up when their presence is least expected.

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