Blind Senior Dog Finds A Puppy Friend To Help Guide Him

Charlie is 11 years old and that makes him pretty ancient, as far as dogs are concerned. While he is no spring chicken, his heart is still chock full of love. He’s been struggling ever since he was diagnosed with glaucoma but he is not allowing this prognosis to put a damper on his awesome spirit. He did his best to cope with the sudden change and remained happy.

However, he did start to move a bit more slowly. He was not nearly as easy to excite as he once was. Charlie has received a recent boost to his spirit and this new love has buoyed him. Chelsea and her husband are Charlie’s owner.

They love their dog very much but they could tell that he was in need of a brand new friend. They figured that he would benefit from the presence of a new pal.

As it turns out, they were correct. Charlie loved his new friend right away. They hit it off immediately and are already the very best of friends. Maverick is his new friend’s name.

These two certainly make for a very adorable pair, don’t they? The energy and pep that the younger dog has rubs off on him. Charlie now has the same verve that his humans have always known him to possess.

He’s reverted to his playful former self. All they do is spend time playing with each other. Maverick also seems to inherently understand Charlie’s limitations.

He puts his toys directly in front of him and serves as his eyes when they walk around together. The sight of these two together is enough to make us melt on the spot.

When it is time for Charlie to take a rest, Maverick sits down next to him. He does not want his old pal to feel alone, for even a second! While there are differences between the two, they do not allow these differences to serve as any sort of hindrance. This is a strong friendship that is sure to last the test of time. They have a bond that cannot be broken.

They make for a great combination and their parents love to watch them pal around. If you would like to remain fully up to date on all of their adventure, be sure to head to Charlie and Maverick’s Instagram page. Give them a follow and be sure to tell your friends and loved ones!

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