You Can Now Get A Double-Headed Jumpsuit For You And Your Dog

Now that everyone is able to do almost anything that they want with their dogs, there seems to be no limit to what can take place. Whether you are the type who likes to take walks with your dog, watch the ballgame or simply veg out on the couch, there are no shortage of products designed to assist you with this purpose. However, this latest invention is definitely turning heads.

Now, you can partake in all of the aforementioned activities while wearing the exact same jumper as your dog. We are not talking about buying a matching set, either. These jumpers are designed to be worn by the dog and their owner at the same exact time. These oversize jumpers come with two separate neck holes and we are delighted by the possibilities.

Who wouldn’t like to share a jumper with their dog? Best of all, this gift comes along just in time for Valentine’s Day. Don’t have someone special to share the day with? All you need is a jumper and a pooch that is willing to cuddle up on the couch with you. We must admit, the timing on the release of these jumpers is pitch perfect.

These sweaters are not technically being advertised as such but we are more than sure that they are meant to be worn with a dog. Who would ever want to wear the same jumper as their significant other? That’s a little too much closeness, thank you very much. We will be sharing our jumper with our fur babies. They are the ones who truly understand us the most.

Zulily is the company that is responsible for this brainchild. As you might have imagined, these bad boys are already selling like hotcakes. Those who wish to make a purchase had better get a move on before it is too late. Rumor has it that they are going to sell out soon. A creation like this one is tough to pass up. It is a picture perfect loneliness cure.

How could anyone ever possibly feel alone when they have their dog right next to them like this? What an amazing invention. Where do you stand on this idea? Will you be getting one of your own or do you find the concept inherently ridiculous? Be sure to pass this story along, so that you can learn more about where your friends and loved ones stand on this.

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