Dad In Tears After Finding Family Cat Survived California Wildfire

The California wildfires have caused a great deal of devastation. Families are now left to pick up the pieces in the wake of these deadly fires and some of the stories that have come out have been heartbreaking. Luckily, there is one family who has a happy story to share. They are looking to lift everyone’s spirits by letting them know more about their awesome reunion story.

Hamish and his loved ones were forced to say goodbye to their Malibu home. He took a video of the old house and showed the world what had become of his residence. What was once a happy home was now just a pile of ash. An iron skillet was all that seemed to survive. Little did Hamish know that his beloved cat (who was assumed to be lost) was still out there…

Many families have lost their pets as a result of what has taken place in California. Animals become spooked at moments like these and run away. Some families may not have the chance to be reunited with their furry loved ones. That is why Hamish is so appreciative. They find the cat and amazingly, the animal looks no worse for the wear.

Mike the cat somehow survived in the midst of all this destruction and we cannot believe it. Hamish’s tears say it all, don’t they? Mike was away from his loved ones for several days and survived due to the kindness of a neighbor. This neighbor provided him with the food and water that he would need to survive in the meantime. He is now safe and sound!

This is the sort of reunion that you will definitely want to see for yourself. As volunteers comb the area in search of survivors, heavy rain complicates matters significantly. Mudslides are also more common at moments like these. Every survival is a major blessing that needs to be treated as such. We are glad to see Hamish and his family enjoying a semi-happy ending.

While no one ever wants to lose their home, there are certain things that cannot be replaced. A beloved pet is definitely one of them. Be sure to pass this along to all of the friends and loved ones who could use some good news. In a world full of sadness and turmoil, it is great to see one special family triumphing over adversity.

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