Deer And Cat Caught On Camera Sharing The Cutest Kisses

A domestic cat and a wild deer may not seem like the most natural bedfellows. After all, they live very different lives. But if there is anything that Romeo and Juliet have taught us, it is that love is found in places that we would not always expect. While this love might seem unrequited, the cat and deer were equally crazy about one another.

When Heather and her family sat down to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner in Michigan, they never could have expected what would happen next. The animals were spotted out in the backyard together. This would have been noteworthy enough. However, the deer was also tonguing down the cat at the time. What an unbelievable make out session.

Obviously, this was being done as a form of cleaning but we would rather believe that they were giving each other lots of kisses. The cat was enjoying it, too. You would think that a house cat might be afraid to get kisses from a wild deer but this is one kitty that appreciates a free tongue bath. The cat even made sure that the deer got all of the hard to reach place.

Talk about not looking a gift horse in the mouth….or deer, as it were. We cannot stop laughing at this story and we hope that our readers appreciate this one as much as we did. The deer was enjoying the bath, too. From the looks of it, the wild deer would have kept bathing the cat all day if they were allowed to do so. They even spent some time cleaning the animal’s belly.

Animals have the ability to strike up amazing friendships that never cease to amaze us. The two maintained a friendly relationship throughout the course of the bath. This little make-out session is just too cute. We are lucky that this woman was able to catch a few moments of the bath as it was taking place, even if she did not capture all of it.

The cat was sopping wet by the time the video was finished, in case you were wondering. Even though the animal was probably a bit too small to be bathed by a wild deer, they still enjoyed themselves anyway.

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