Dentist Spends His Nights Giving Out Blankets To Stray Animals During Cold Winter Nights

Stories like this one really warm the heart, don’t they? As temperatures start to fall in Istanbul, Turkey, an unlikely man has stepped forward and decided to help out. Huseyin Yurtseven is a special human being. He did not want the dogs and cats in his area to suffer and so he has been distributing blankets to the animals who find themselves in need.

There are not many people who would take the time out to do such a thing. When Huseyin saw a video that was circulating on social media of all the sad animals in the area, his heart went out to them. He knew that he could not sit idly by and allow them to continue to suffer. He was not content to hand out a few blankets, though. This dentist wanted to make a real impact.

He’s distributed the necessary materials to area traders and is trying to enlist as much help as possible. Contact details have also been provided so that the blankets are able to be washed as soon as they have started to acquire an unwanted scent. No detail has been left to chance and these efforts are certainly commendable.

Even Turkish Airlines has felt the chill. The cold conditions have caused the airline to delay flights and the strong winds have created numerous issues. This cold snap has been felt all over the world. Citizens across the European continent have been subjected to snowstorms and cold weather warnings on a daily basis, or so it seems.

We are just glad that someone is looking out for all of the pets that are caught out in the cold. If not for the services of this kindly dentist, who knows what would have happened to these cats and dogs? Please bear in mind that if it is too cold outside for you, it is definitely too cold for your dogs and cats. Don’t make them suffer because of your own negligence.

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