Dog Can’t Go To Bed Without Bringing Something To Make Him Feel Safe

Bentley is the sort of dog who has his very own prized possessions. When this pup first made his way to his forever home, he had two important items with him. He wanted everyone to know that his tan blanket and stuffed dog were off limits. Bentley loved these items because they still had the scent of his family members on them. They reminded him of his mommy and his siblings.

While the smell eventually wore off, these items still remained precious to him. If it was time for bed, Bentley would want one or both of these items with him. It’s almost too adorable to put into words. Bentley is almost two years old now. The routine remains the same, though. Once it is time to head off to dreamland, he still grabs his favorite toys.

His parents are more than happy to accommodate this request. How can anyone possibly say no to such a cute face? Kelly is his mother now and she has no issue with it. As long as it makes him comfortable, she is pleased. The family has now come to expect it. It can be tough to sleep with the extra items in bed but this is one family that is willing to look the other way.

Bentley is good about cleaning up after himself, which makes life easier.

“He also usually carries the item back down the stairs in the morning,” Kelly told the Dodo.

The dog is also adept at maintaining his toys. You would think that these toys would be riddled with holes by now. This does not keep him from auditioning new toys for the role of bedtime partner.

He sleeps with each toy that he tests out for about a week or so before deciding to move on. This fickle dog gets a lot of laughs for his behavior. In fact, the family decided to record him in action and we cannot stop giggling. He’s got too many toys to choose from. This keeps him from ever getting too bored with any one toy in particular.

The toys also come with him when he heads outside to use the restroom. This quirky dog has his routines and he is going to stick to them for sure. The toys are now divided into two separate categories. The bathroom friends are his “pee buddies” and the other toys are the “bed buddies”. If you would like to learn more about this hilarious dog, be sure to give his Instagram a follow as soon as possible.

h/t: TheDodo

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