Dog Figures Out Creative Way To Soothe Himself During Fireworks

Kimbo is a dog unlike any other. As a New York City resident, he has been through a lot and seen even more. He’s an adventurous pup with a lust for life. Whether he’s spending time with his owners at the local doggy swimming pools or heading upstate for a relaxing hike, he’s always in his element. Kimbo’s gotten accustomed to the city’s hustle and bustle.

He loves his home but a recent move to Brooklyn was a challenge for him. His dad Marco knew that he would need some time to adjust. They would soon learn that this region of the city loves to celebrate Independence Day. Fourth of July parties are awesome but they can also be loud. Our dogs can sometimes struggle with all of the various noises that they are subjected to.

Kimbo has never had to deal with these celebrations in the past. Of course, it was somewhat challenging for him to do so. This is the story of a dyed in the wool New Yorker, though. The Big Apple knows how to handle situations like these. Enduring the noise that is created by others is just part of residing there. His dad was willing to lend him a helping hand, as well.

They had some friends over to enjoy the festivities. The pair had elected to remain indoors, so that Kimbo would not be forced to suffer too much. A kind little girl met Kimbo and decided that she would help the pup out. She knew that he was not going to be happy with all of the loud noises. Marco was also instrumental when it came to reassuring the dog.

He gave him lots and lots of reassurance. The little girl was the one who had the best plan, though. When the guests realized that the dog’s barking had stopped, they went to make sure that he was okay. As it turns out, the little girl had come up with an excellent idea. Kimbo was in the bathtub and he was surrounded by all of his favorite toys.

This was all that he needed to feel okay. It did not take long before Kimbo was feeling like his old self again. We are glad that he was able to make it through the fireworks display without further incident. What a sweet boy. If you loved this story as much as we did, we urge you to pass it along to the dog lovers in your life.

Source: The Dodo

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