Dog Owner Warns About The Dangers Of Leaving Your Pet In A Crate After She Passes Away

This is the type of story that all dog owners should be taking the time to read. It just might save a life. There are common mistakes that are made in most households and this is the sort of error that could cost your dog dearly. Whether you are someone who believes that crate training is the right decision or you are against it, you will want to read on and learn more.

These crates are designed to keep dogs safe. Sadly, this family was forced to say goodbye to their dog because of a crate related fatality. The story of Emmie was shared in a Facebook post that has since gone viral. Her mother Courtney had placed her inside of a crate, just like she had every morning. The crate offered her the room she needed to play and lie around while her owners were away.

Source: Facebook

Emmie was a happy dog, the type to get along famously with just about anyone that she met. Courtney says that the two engaged in their usual routine before she left for work on this fateful day. While she was not a huge fan of being left in the crate each day, it was a necessary evil….or so Courtney thought. She blew her a kiss and was on her way.

When she returned home that day, she was met by a horrifying sight. The dog’s collar had gotten hung up on a piece of the crate. She was pulled upwards and by the time Courtney got home, the dog was no longer responsive. It was too late to save her and the vet referred to what took place as a “freak accident”. This is of little comfort to this family.

Source: Facebook

They had no idea about these dangers. Those place collared pets inside of a crate each day would do well to reconsider. This is a story that must be shared. Unfortunately, this family learned their lesson the hard way. By taking the time to pass this story along, you can help to make sure that other families do not experience such a tragedy.

Courtney is sharing her story in hopes of keeping other pet owners from having to play the “what if?” game after they have already lost their beloved friends. Let’s all do our part to make sure that stories like these do not become a regular occurrence.

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