Dog’s Instincts Kick In When he Spots A Bird Drowning In The Pool

Mariana and her dog Yago love to spend time together during the early mornings. One of his favorite pastimes is laying out in the morning sun. Sometimes, he’ll even head outside while she is still asleep. One day, she heard some strange noises coming from the dog’s usual hangout spot. Mariana knew that she was going to have to investigate the matter.

When she followed the noise, she made the most amazing discovery. Yago was frantically prancing around and was clearly in a great deal of distress. Once she got closer to the mini pool, she saw what was causing Yago so much stress. There was a tiny pigeon inside of the pool and the bird was unable to free itself from the watery makeshift prison.

Yago was not about to let anything to the bird on his watch, though. He knew that he was going to have to do something. The doggy lifeguard decided that it was time to act. Yago came up with the perfect idea. He came up with one of the most brilliant strategies that we have ever seen in our lives and this dog deserves all of the hugs and treats.

This dog has one of the biggest hearts that we have ever seen and we appreciate his efforts. If you are wondering about his strategy, we are not here to spoil it. You will have simply have to check out the clip for yourself. Letting the world know all about Mr. Yago’s awesome rescue mission is our primary objective here.

After all, why would you allow us to spoil this one for you when you can watch it for yourself? While most would not expect a dog to spring into action like this just to save a poor little bird, Yago is not most dogs. We are still not going to give away the ending but rest assured, this bird was able to fly away safely and we are glad for that.

Dogs are some of the kindest creatures on the planet. They do not put themselves first and their ability to assist humans and animals of all stripes is commendable. Yago is something of a superhero and we hope that we get to see more awesome adventures of his in the future. Thank to Mariana, we now get to see the selfless rescue pup in the heat of action!

#Viral ????✊???? Yago, el perro "rescatista" que se hizo viral ????????Yago es el perrito labrador de la localidad bonaerense de Balcarce que tuvo un acto heróico y se volvió viral en las últimas horas.El perro vio que un ave estaba a punto de ahogarse en una pelopincho y, sin dudarlo un segundo, fue a rescatarla.

Posted by 7Corrientes on Friday, January 25, 2019

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