Drunk Driver’s Mother Laugh Out Loud In Courtroom Only To Have Judge Get The Last Laugh

Judge Qiana Lillard received strong reactions from around the world after she reacted to a mother snickering in her Michigan courtroom. It happened during a case that involved a 25-year-old drunk driver named Amanda Kosal. She had already been charged with “operating under the influence causing death” when things took a turn for the worse.

31–year-old Jerome Zirker and his fiancée, 31-year-old Brittany Johnson were struck by Kosal’s vehicle and Jerome lost his life. Britney also suffered severe injuries as a result of the accident. The impact statements were being read in the courtroom to Kosal from the families of the victims when laughter was heard in the background.

Judge Lillard did not find the humor in the situation and decided to teach them a lesson.

The proceedings were immediately stopped and Kosal’s family was reprimanded for laughing during that sensitive time. They probably weren’t expecting to receive jail sentences but they got them anyway.

The judge lashed out at a male member of the Kosal family because he was laughing the hardest. She then turned her attention to the mother, who was also giggling. “Whoever can sit here at a tragic moment like this and laugh and smile when somebody has lost a family member… in the entire time that Mr. Zirker’s sister was speaking, that clown — and that’s what I am going to call him, a clown — was sitting there smiling and laughing.

And you [pointing to Kosal’s mother] can go, too. Because if you don’t know how to act, you can go to jail. So leave…”

“This is a court of law, and these are very serious matters. I understand you all are very upset because your loved one is going to prison — but guess what? She’s going to there for the choices that she made. These people are here grieving, saddened because a senseless act took away their loved one, and you’re sitting here acting like it’s a joke?

Not in Courtroom 502. Not today and not any other day.

Your disruptive and disrespectful behavior disrupted today’s proceedings and you, ma’am, are going to the Wayne County Jail for 93 days.”

The mother of was then removed by the bailiff and taken to the county jail. She served one day of her 93-day sentence but we are sure that it had an impact.

After Judge Lillard’s response was posted, it went viral. The judge went on Facebook to thank people for their support and to share her appreciation for what she does. She takes her profession seriously and this type of behavior in her courtroom is not going to be tolerated. She said:

“Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit this page to express your feelings. I am honored to have the privilege of serving the citizens of Wayne County.”

I’m sure anybody is going to think twice before they do this in her courtroom again.

You can see more in this video:

Instant Karma: Judge throws drunk driver's mom in jail

Good on this Judge who threw a drunk driver’s mom in jail for 93 days for laughing at the victim’s family in court.

Posted by Tri-State Weather on Thursday, December 6, 2018

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