Family Dump Their Deaf Dog At The Shelter After He Was Stung By Bees

When this dog was stung by an army of bees, the animal was already in bad enough shape. At least this dog had a family that they could count on during this difficult time, right? Wrong. This poor dog was not only forced to endure the pain of these stings but they were also abandoned during their hour of need. Rescuers would decide that he should be named Stinger.

Stinger was in bad shape when he first arrived at the shelter. The workers did not believe that he was going to survive initially. At first, they had planned to put the dog down because the bee sting wounds were life-threatening. Carri decided that she was not going to allow the dog to die on her watch. As the head of the LuvnPupz Rescue organization, this was her duty.

Carri wasted no time getting involved once she heard about Stinger’s issues. She was not going to allow any more trouble to come his way. Once she intervened, he received the treatment he needed for his stings. He was also struggling with an additional skin infection and was suffering from a particularly problematic case of mange.

He has also been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that he will be carrying for the rest of his life. His care simply costs too much for him to ever receive a proper adoption. So what is going to become of our old friend Stinger here? The good people at LuvnPupz are going to continue to take care of him in the meantime and make sure that his existence is as happy as possible.

He sure has come a really long way since he was initially dumped off at this shelter. While most of us probably would have expected this dog to be euthanized upon arrival, he is now looking much, much better. All of the dog’s blisters are fully healed up and he has a nice, shiny coat. Now that he is being given the chance to reside in a loving home, he is loving life more than ever before.

Please be sure to share this story with your friends and loved ones as soon as possible. We hope this family regrets their actions. Stinger did not deserve to be cast aside like this and this family should be facing more consequences for their careless behavior. We are sick and tired of reading animal abandonment stories. Kudos to Carri for stepping in to save the day.

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