Family Promised To Pick Up Their Lost Dog At Shelter But Never Came Back

Stories like these truly break your heart, don’t they? When Lindsy was first picked up by animal control officers and taken to a shelter, it all seemed like a simple misunderstanding. A little girl called the shelter and said that it was all a mistake. The dog had gotten away. She and her family were going to stop by to pick up the animal as soon as possible.

The little girl said that she simply needed to ask her father for a lift to the shelter. Babylon Animal Shelter seemed reasonably confident that this would all be over soon. Unfortunately, the family never did make their way to the shelter. The little girl’s pleas fell on deaf ears and the dog was considered to be abandoned. Poor Lindsy did not deserve this sort of fate.

The shelter workers remained optimistic in the meantime, though. They believed that Lindsy would be able to find a forever home to call her own sooner rather than later. Her sparkling personality would certainly help. She loves to spend time with the people that matter to her and she is a very kind dog. Sadly, she has spent two years waiting for a family to take her home.

Now that she is a senior dog, it is believed that her age is what is deterring people from giving her a home. Most people are not looking to take home a dog that is already all grown up. After all, the average person dreams of having their own puppy to raise…not a senior dog. In most instances, the cute little puppies are always adopted much more quickly.

The older dogs do not always receive the attention from the public that they deserve. Plus, Lindsy has been at the shelter for at least two years and this causes a certain stigma to develop. People will start that dogs like these have something wrong with them. She is just fine and she is not allowing the situation that she is in to dampen her spirits.

Lindsy is a happy dog who does not believe in having bad days. She remains happy and chipper at all times. She would make a great addition to any home, if only someone was willing to finally give her a chance. If you would like to provide her with a home, be sure to contact Babylon Animal Shelter as soon as possible. Pass this story along as well. Her next owner just might be one of your friends or loved ones!

If you’re interested in adopting Lindsy, you can contact Babylon Animal Shelter by calling 631-643-9270 or reaching out through Facebook.

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