Game Of Thrones Fans Brightened The Battle Of Winterfell, And People Are Noticing New Details

Now that we are once again in between episodes of Game of Thrones, we can look back on the last episode with a clear mind. Some of the fans who were watching the episode had a lot of criticism about it. After all, the Battle of Winterfell was certainly exciting, so it lived up to that promise but overall, the episode was fairly dark and it was difficult to see.

A lot of conversation has taken place on social media this past week about the lighting issue. Some fans say that it was incredibly distracting, other fans are defending the decision. It really doesn’t matter where you stand on the decision, you are certain to run into the fallout to a certain extent. Some people will try to avoid the discussion but one fan did their best to prove their point.

A YouTuber named Hivemind posted a video that showed a side-by-side glimpse of what many people consider to be the darkest scene from ‘The Long Night.’

It happened when the Dothraki torches were extinguished by the Army of the dead and you can see some of the horses and humans that were trying to get back to formation. On the lower half of the video, the exact same scene is shown but there is a lot more light. The difference is considerable.

There is both good and bad associated with taking this approach. I have to agree that it is easier to see what is taking place when there is more light in the scene. You can see the faces of the characters and it is easy to follow the action. Then again, there does appear to be something lost in the mix.

The fan was the one who brightened the scene and it loses a lot of clarity in contrast, bows to the quality of the individual shots and to the overall picture. It takes on a less professional look. It may be more difficult to see things in the original, darker seen but when the color is altered to brighten things, it changes the atmosphere significantly.

Of course, the producers could have opted to make things a little brighter but that could’ve been done during the filming of the episode and not with using technology at a later time. Trying to change things after they are finished is never going to turn out as nice as the original.

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