Guy Fed Stray Kitten Outside His Office Until Human Resources Told Him To Stop

Brandon Lesky recently received quite the surprise during one of his night shifts at the local news station. He noticed that two kittens and their mother were regularly showing up outside of the building. After some time had passed, they stopped showing up. However, one of the kittens had been left behind. It seems as if their sibling and mother had forgotten them.

The kitten would eventually be named Momo. Many of the news station’s employees started to take pity on the cat. They offered her food whenever possible and Brandon was chief among this group. He did not want to see any harm come the animal’s way and did whatever he could to help out. While the kitten was happy to accept food, she was still wary of the humans.

Momo never seemed to want to get too close to anyone. It took some time but she eventually decided to take a liking to Brandon. She’d follow him around if he came outside during a break but she still wouldn’t allow him to pet her. Eventually, the news station’s human resources department intervened and said that employees were no longer allowed to feed the animal.

If anyone wanted to try to snag her and bring her home, they were welcome to do so. Since Brandon was already thinking of adopting a kitten anyway, he sprung into action immediately. He purchased the most humane cat trap that he could find and set about the task of taking her home. He was able to catch her safely and the two started to become even closer.

Momo did not like Brandon’s house at first. She would hide from him and hiss at him. Brandon and his roommate knew that they would need to give her some time to come around. Momo was not battered when they found her but they assumed that she had bad experiences with humans in the past. In time, she slowly started to let her guard down.

Now, Brandon has a brand new pal that he loves to spend time with. Momo was rescued from an uncertain fate and given the chance to reside in a forever home. Stories like these remind us that even the animals who act as if they are hard to love are still in need of our assistance. In fact, those who hardest to love are often the ones who need it the most! Consult with Dodo Adoptbot if you would like to learn more about other animals who are in need.

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