Gymnast Who Went Viral For Her Michael Jackson Moves Scored A Perfect 10 For Her New Routine

Gymnastics is one of those sports that has a cult following and if you are part of that following, you have, no doubt, heard of Katelyn Ohashi. In 2013, she beat a team member (Simone Biles) and won the American Cup. Biles was no slacker. She went on to become an Olympic champion 4 times over but Ohashi stepped away from that spotlight.

Ohashi gave an interview with the Players Tribune and said she was ‘broken’. She was a happy girl at a young age and loved gymnastics but the stress and pressure of competition got the better of her. She was rarely seen smiling and was so concerned about her weight that she would exercise obsessively after every meal. At one point, she was even competing with 2 torn shoulders and a fractured back.

Ohashi knew that a change was necessary, so she decided to step away from the gymnastics spotlight and center of competing in college. She went to UCLA to perform and to heal. What didn’t change was her style and what she is doing now on the floor is going to blow your mind.

Last season, she competed using a Michael Jackson medley for her music. What she was able to do stunned everyone in attendance, including the judges. On January 12, she pulled off a flawless routine and proved that she still had a lot of game left.

The routine that you see in the video below is not one to be taken lightly. The moves are incredibly difficult but perhaps the most notable thing is the huge smile she is wearing. You can tell that Ohashi is in love with gymnastics again.

You can hear her teammates cheering from the sidelines. There was no harsh criticism coming her way as she had experienced with elite gymnastics. She is able to showcase her talent and people are loving it.

The floor routine was tweeted by UCLA Gymnastics and it has gone mega-viral with over 102,000 shares and 20 million views.

One commenter writes, “The power drop into the splits bounce up at the end is mind bending. The power moves in modern floor routines are ridiculous. Awesome + sauce.”

Another person adds, “The amount of fun @katelyn_ohashi appears to be having and how relaxed she looks is what it’s all about. Phenomenal, so much fun to watch this team compete.”

You can watch the routine in this video:

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