Here’s What To Do If You See A Yellow Ribbon Tied Around A Dog’s Leash

The dog is often referred to as the best friend of man and for very good reason. When we see a dog while we are out in public, we will often make our way towards the animal to see if we can strike up a friendship. While most dogs tend to enjoy the attention, there are some dogs who find themselves in need of a little space. This is where the yellow ribbon comes into play.

Some rescue dogs are skittish when it comes to people. Other dogs are nervous in social settings. There are also service dogs who may not have the ability to interact with humans yet because they have yet to complete their training. Those who are truly thoughtful about these matters may not know which dogs they can pet and which dogs they are better off leaving alone.

The Yellow Dog Project aims to shed light on these matters by letting the world know more about the dogs who are in need of a little extra space. The yellow ribbon is designed as a means of giving people the necessary heads up so that they are not being ambushed by otherwise well meaning. This is a very important initiative for those who own special needs dogs.

These ribbons do not mean that you need to be avoiding these animals like the plague, though. The yellow ribbon should be treated like a yellow light. Move slowly and exercise the proper amount of caution. Owners who have chosen these ribbons also tend to be more than happy to explain their origin to any passerby who may be confused about the matter.

Dogs who wear yellow ribbons like to play with humans just as much as any other pup. They just need to be approached in a slightly different manner from time to time. Other dogs may wear yellow vests and scarves as a means of warning humans who might be inclined to approach them a little too quickly. These yellow ribbons do not serve as a cop out or preclude owners from properly training their animals.

Initiatives like these are important because they keep dogs from being placed in a position where they are likely to become nervous or afraid. The less fear a dog experiences, the better. Please share this post with your friends and loved ones so that word can be spread about this important project.

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