Hikers Rescue Injured Dog Stuck In The Mountains For 4 Days After Owner Posts Plea On Facebook

The family in this story went through an awful ordeal. Their dog was lost and they had spent days looking for it. Louie the dog went out for an overnight hike with his owner’s stepdaughter. Janessa lost the dog during the hike and her mother was understandably upset. They needed to find the chocolate Lab and fast. Janessa was also upset, as she goes hiking with the dog regularly.

The two had never experienced such an issue in the past. It was not her fault that the dog got lost. Unfortunately, Louie suffered an injury during this hike. He was not able to get back down the mountain and Janessa was unable to handle the task on her own. The dog weighs nearly 100 pounds and so, the family would need some help to get him home.

Janessa returned to the woods to bring Louie more food and water but this would not be enough. When the officers that were contacted told them that they would need a fellow human to help, the family reached out to fellow hikers on social media. Amanda was too old to help and her aging body could not handle the strain of carrying Louie all the way back down.

They knew that they would need assistance from fellow hikers if they were going to get the dog home safely. The local hiking community started to mobilize as soon as they saw Amanda’s Facebook post. Janessa was spending nights with Louie in the meantime and she was stranded on the mountain with the dog for four days.

Finally, the hikers were able to head out and assist the dog themselves. The family was beyond grateful for their help. Amanda even offered to pay all of the expenses associated with the expedition. Janessa had tried her best to assist the hikers by carrying the dog as far as she could. Once they arrived, the dog was placed on a stretcher and taken the rest of the way down.

Louie needed medical treatment after the ordeal was over because he was experiencing an infection and was quite dehydrated. The family set up a Go Fund Me page to handle the medical expenses and the community immediately chipped in to help out. Amanda is incredibly thankful for all of the help that she has received. We live in a society where good news can be hard to come by. Please share this touching story with your friends and loved ones.

Source: YouTube/CTV News

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