Latest Beauty Trend Has People Getting Nostril Extensions

Standards of beauty of vary throughout the world. For example, for years people have been aware of the undesirable sight of nose hairs peeking out from ones nostrils. But now, that may have changed with a new emerging beauty trend.

There are now extensions being created to give the illusion that one’s nose has hair peeking out. One Instagrammer, who goes by the name @gret_chen_chen, uses false eyelashes to create her look, and she’s not the only one to be onto the trend. Plenty of others have also taken in the bizarre beauty trend.

In the past, while there has been a fair share of weird beauty trends, like ants in fingernails and bow brows, but the nose hair extensions may just be the tip of the iceberg in terms of an oddity.

It looks almost like spider legs if I’m honest, but I guess some people like that look.

If you’re curious to see more, you can use the #nosehairextensions tag on Instagram, where you’ll find plenty of delightful pictures of women proudly showing off nose hair extensions.

Although, this isn’t the first time things have been getting stuck up people’s noses. Not too long ago, there was a man who went to his doctor complaining of a blocked nose only to find there was a tooth up there. 

The 59-year-old man from Denmark had been dealing with congestion, discharge, and a lack of smell for several years, when he finally decided to visit a doctor.

After running an X-ray and conducting an examination, his very surprised doctor broke the news to his patient that he, in fact, had a tooth up his nose.

According to the British Medical Journal, when the man was younger, he had experienced a facial trauma, which resulted in a fractured jaw and nose. Medical experts believe that the ensuing damage may have been the cause of the tooth in his nasal cavity.

In the BMJ Case Reports, Dr. Milos Fuglsang wrote, “Our patient most likely had the intranasal retained tooth most of his life, but had late onset of symptoms.”

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