Littlest Puppy Was Almost Put Down Because He Was So Scared Of Shelter

Odyn was the tiniest pup at the Kansas shelter that he found himself at. When a dog is as small as he was, this can be a very scary experience. The little puppy was absolutely terrified of everything and everyone. As a result, the shelter believed that he was never going to find a forever home. He was placed on the euthanasia list a and his days seemed numbered.

Luckily, a special organization in Colorado caught wind of his plight. The good people at Misfits Dog Rescue made the drive to Kansas and brought Odyn back with them. They had hoped that they could eventually cure his fears. He was shy at first but immediately bonded with his foster parents. This proved that he was capable of eventually finding a forever home.

At this time, the rescue started letting the world know about Odyn’s progress on their website. Before long, a family that had just moved into the region caught wind of their postings. They saw his picture while they were staying a local motel waiting for their new apartment to be ready. Alyson knew that she had to take home Odyn home with her as soon as possible.

She and her husband were in love. They completed the paperwork process and brought him home right away. He was nervous upon arrival but he would open up in time. At this house, he would also have a sister named Luna. Luna is a playful dog and she was happy to have a new friend to run around with. Of course, Odyn was none too pleased with her rambunctious antics.

He barely wanted to leave his foster parents’ side during the initial meeting. After an initial feeling out period, Odyn’s new family decided that they would like to make it official. He has since warmed to Luna’s charms and the two have become the best of friends. Odyn has gotten over his fears. He behaves as any other dog would.

The animal shelter was not going to give poor Odyn the chance to showcase his true colors. He now gets to live that he always deserved. His days are spent playing with his sister, going on hikes with his parents and getting lots of belly rubs. All he needed was a family that was willing to take a chance on getting to know the real him!

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