Man Brings Special Needs Shelter Dog To The Store And Buys Her Everything She Touches

Rocky Kanaka has dedicated his life to special needs dogs and other animals in need. He has started his own show, entitled Dog’s Day Out. He gives shelter dogs the chance to enjoy some incredible adventures. From there, the animals receive the additional publicity that they need in order to find happy homes. Last month, Rocky filmed a video that went viral.

He brought a shelter dog to a local store and allowed the animal to take home anything that they touched. The clip was so successful, Rocky decided that it was time for a sequel.

After all, he had already found a home for one special dog. Why not take this opportunity to help another? Freddie Mercury is a special needs dog who deserved a shopping spree.

Rocky decided that it was time to give him one. She was taken to the store and given the chance to select various items to take home. Can you believe that someone had tossed this dog in a trash pile?

This is where Rocky first found her. The poor animal was also born with two different sets of teeth. As you might have imagined, eating was a very difficult task for Freddie Mercury.

Marley’s Mutts finally gave her a home to reside in. Angela became her foster mother. After awhile, Angela decided that she could not live without the dog and wanted to adopt her officially.

Rocky was so touched by the story, he wanted to make sure that the dog would have plenty of toys to play with at her new forever home. Rocky simply wanted her to enjoy the best day of her life.

She got to pick out a brand new bed and Bosco the dog came along to help her make some selections. Since Freddie cannot walk very well, Bosco’s help was very much appreciated.

Of course, he did manage to select a few items that are more suited for his own needs. The two had a great time shopping and we were more than happy to check out their adventure.

Would you like to learn more about Freddie’s awesome new life? If so, be sure to pay her Instagram page a visit. This is one dog that has gone from rags to riches. Take a closer look at the video below if you would like the chance to learn more about Bosco and Freddie Mercury’s awesome day out.

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