Man Demands Refund After Getting Tattoo From Shop That Employs Ex-Felon, Gets Owned Instead

We live in a society where laws exist to protect the innocent and punish those who go against the standards. I’m sure that all of us would agree that it is an imperfect system but, at the end of the day, we are all a little better off because of it.

When the system runs smoothly and according to the ideal method of operation, ‘criminals’ will receive a punishment that fits the crime. After paying the debt, they would be expected to reenter the outside world and be productive members of society. Many convicts live up to that principle.

Not everyone in society will agree on the need for people who have been punished to have a second chance. That becomes evident when you see this text exchange between the owner of a tattoo shop and someone who was a former, potential customer. After being posted on Reddit, it went viral.

It started when the shop owner received this text message:

At this point, you might be slightly irritated by his attitude. Not only does he manage to offend by referring to the employee as a ‘prison monkey’, but he also wants 10% as an inconvenience fee. All I have to say is, this is getting good.

As you can imagine, the owner of the shop was not happy with the message. He had something to say in return:

Not only did they NOT get their tattoo, but they also didn’t get the 10% inconvenience fee. What they did get was a painful lashing that should last for a very long time.

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