Man Finds Stolen Pit Bull Just Days Before He Was Scheduled For Euthanization

When this man first lost his pet pitbull, he was distraught. Barry may have been heartbroken but he resolved to keep looking for the animal for as long as it took. He was never going to give up. Even though the dog has been gone for over a year, Barry has not allowed his efforts to wane. He remains vigilant and his refusal to quit warms our hearts.

Titan is the pitbull’s name and Barry has posted pictures of the dog on Facebook, in hopes of spreading the word. All of his efforts finally paid off when he was finally given an important clue that would allow him to solve the case. Someone commented on his Facebook post that he was not expecting. They let him know that they may have found Titan’s twin.

As it turns out, there was a dog named Hank who was residing at the local shelter that just so happened to look an awful lot like Titan. Barry was not about to wait around, either. He went straight down to the shelter to find out more about this intriguing development. As you may have guessed, Titan and Hank ended up being one and the same.

Barry’s vigilance ended up paying off in a way that he never could have expected. Not only was he able to find his beloved pet but he was also able to save the animal’s life in the process. The shelter did not have enough space for Titan/Hank. If Barry did not arrive when he did, the animal would have ended up being euthanized before he got a chance to hug him again.

Titan was rescued before it was too late. He and Barry were reunited and it felt so good! They are safely back home and glad to be back in each other’s embraces. We just hope that this pair can stay together and avoid being split up ever again. This is one of the best holidays reunions that we have ever had the privilege of seeing.

In fact, we cannot stop watching it. We are sure that you will experience the same “problem” once you see the clip for yourself. Please be sure to pass this story along to your friends and loved ones. After all, they are definitely going to want to see this touching reunion for themselves. We wish Titan and Barry all of the best this holiday season.

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