McDonald’s Says It Will Stop Using Plastic Lids For McFlurry Packaging

The announcement from McDonald’s is positive, they’re going to remove plastic lids from McFlurry beginning in September. The change will take place in all UK restaurants.

In addition, they will no longer include single-use plastic for their salads. It is all part of an overhaul to the UK menu.

To break it down on a more basic level, both the main meal and side salad options will be served in cardboard containers. Reports from Metro state that the cardboard will be at least 50% recycled content. Currently, they are using single-use plastic.

According to McDonald’s, the elimination of certain plastics will reduce plastic waste from the restaurant by 485 metric tons annually. 383 metric tons are directly associated with the McFlurry packaging. It is a big step in the right direction for the environment and handling worldwide plastic pollution and waste problem.

The supply chain director for McDonald’s UK, Beth Hart said: “I am delighted that today’s news means we will be serving our much loved and new menu items in an even more sustainable way.

“Removing plastic lids from the McFlurry, and introducing new cardboard packaging for salads, will save nearly 500 metric tonnes of plastic a year. It’s the latest step in our sustainability journey.

“We are committed to listening to our customers and finding solutions with our suppliers that work for them. This is the latest example of that – but by no means the end.”

Plastic straws have already been removed from the restaurant with cardboard straws being offered. Most people were happy with the change but there were some who balked when they got rid of the plastic straws. There was even one person who started a petition to bring back plastic.

McDonald’s also announced plans earlier this week to bring back Maltesers, Smarties and Oreo McFlurries.

They asked people on twitter which flavor meant the most of them.

Once the post went live, it received over 32,000 votes. It seems as if almost half of those who were polled enjoy the Maltesers McFlurry with 29% choosing Smarties and Oreo coming in slightly behind at around 23%.

It will be interesting to see where the votes eventually land.

The change in the McFlurry lineup is due to occur on June 26. If you are anxious to get your McFlurry on, you can always stop by for one of the current flavors.

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