Mom Dog Tries To Hide Her Frightened Baby In Crowded Shelter

This story began at a shelter in South Texas. A mother dog found herself struggling to care for her baby Benzy and she needed help. The two dogs that arrived at this shelter had also become bonded. It was clear to see that neither of them would survive without the other. A volunteer was able to capture the reactions that they were having and it was a very sad scene indeed.

Someone would need to step forward and adopt the pair of dogs. But who would be willing to do so? It is hard enough to find someone who is ready to take on the responsibility of one dog, let alone two. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shared the clip of the two sad dogs with their Facebook followers and the video went viral right away. Momma Sadie would need some assistance in order to save her baby.

Dava was one of the people who saw the video on Facebook and she knew that she needed to intervene. Seeing these two innocent dogs suffer like this tugged at her heartstrings. By the time she saw the video, it had already been shared over 1,500 times. She could not believe her eyes. How had so many people seen this clip and not been willing to step up?

Even though she had four dogs to take care of at her own house, she was still ready to make the nine hour drive to rescue these poor dogs. Dava let the shelter know that she would be able to help in any way possible. Volunteers came forward to assist her with the mission. They drove the dogs some of the way so that she could meet up with them in Fort Worth.

Once the pups got into Dava’s vehicle, it was if they instinctively knew that they were safe. Sadie and Benzy knew that she had their best interests at heart. Dogs are very intuitive in this way. That is why so many people place so much stock in their opinions. They arrived at the home and Benzy became fast friends with all of her current dogs.

Momma did not take well to this at first but she got used to it in time. Benzy and Sadie will remain in this woman’s care for the meantime but they need a forever home. If you would like to assist these dogs, please head to the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC website and fill out an application. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC can also use any donations that you or your friends and loved ones are willing to offer!

Momma Sadie doesn’t know what to do , she doesn’t know how to help her baby , Benzy She knows they are both in danger at the kill shelter they were abandoned in and baby Benzy is so petrified she hides behind her Momma ,hoping she can protect her , like all Moms try to do for their children Sadly this is way beyond Sadie’s control, as humans are involved here and will make the decision for themDo they live ? Or do they die ? We need your help to get Sadie and Benzy out of this shelter to SAFETY They both need medical care Help by DONATING GO TO

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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