Moms Can Now Turn Their Baby’s Umbilical Cord Stumps Into Jewelry

Babies turn into a toddler that turns into teenagers and before we know it they are moved out and starting a family of their own.  Many parents want to collect as many keepsakes as they can to hold onto their kids.

Ruth Avra, she believes that giving birth and motherhood should be celebrated with more than just pictures, videos, and handprints so she decided to go one step further.

The artist and entrepreneur from Hollywood Florida create the most unusual jewelry line that helps mother commemorate the bond they have with their children.

Why is Avra’s jewelry so special?

Avra, who started her business after she gave birth to her daughter in 2012. She created this unique piece of jewelry by embedding a piece of umbilical cord inside the medallion.

Her clients need to send her pieces of the umbilical stump that falls from the baby’s belly button. From there Avra designs a unique one of a kind piece.

She seals the cord in a layer of resin so it stays intact for as long as possible.

“The umbilical cord is literally the connection between mother and child, the biological wonder that allows a child to grow and develop within us, using our own bodies to do so,” Avra told Daily Mail.

“I simply take that remaining piece and preserve it in a way that a parent can keep it close to their heart.”

“Many absolutely love the idea of keeping a part of their children close in the form of jewelry, I’ve also had reactions like ‘ew’ and ‘gross’,” she explained. “We all have different tastes and wants, my Keepsake Jewelry is for any parent who wants to capture a part of their beloved children and keep them close.”

The mixed reactions haven’t slowed her down at all. In fact she has added a few new addition to her already booming line.

Check them out:

You can visit her website A La Avra to browse all the available collections.

Would you wear a necklace with your baby’s umbilical cord stump embedded in it?

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