Moms Are Having Mixed Feelings Over Daycare’s Controversial Sign

Julianna Mazurkewicz stopped to pick up her daughter at daycare after work when she noticed sign posted on the door.

“I was a bit shocked, but I didn’t feel any negativity towards the daycare. I know that the staff has the best interests of the children in mind, even to the point where they are willing to offend the parent,” the mother told CNN.

The Facebook post has received over two million shares and a lot of viewers have strong opinions about the sign basically telling parents to “get off their phone”.

“I am upset that this place of business felt they had the right to “school” parents on how to interact with their kids. As a mom, I have heard quite enough of other people’s opinions on how to raise my kids … Am I guilty of being on my phone when I pick up my child? Yes I am.”

“You people realize they’re taking the kids home with them, right. Where they’ll tend to homework, dinner, and all the important things. Perhaps worry about your own self and I’ll worry about mine.”

But many people applauded this daycare’s sign and hopes it serves as a lesson to all parents.

“Some people need to learn what’s truly important in life.”

“There’s one sign I can get behind. We are all too complacent about what young children are saying and trying to show us because we have to be someplace or we are following something on our Smart Phones or iPads.”

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