Nearly 30 Million People Have Watched This Video Of A Farting Hippo

Comedy is subjective. What makes one person laugh will not make the next person laugh. There are some who are fine with fart based humor and others who consider themselves above it. We are in the middle on this one. While there is something to be said for avoiding lowbrow humor, there are certain instances where farting can still be hilarious.

This is the sort of video that is going to have a mixed reaction. You may want to poll your friends and loved ones to find out more about how they feel. Or you might want to spring it on them without warning. We are not here to judge your techniques. Since this video already has over 30 million views, we are going out on a huge limb to say that we are not the only ones laughing.

Even those who consider themselves above such humor are going to be doubled over after seeing this one. Jokes like these play well across all age groups. Whether you are 6 or 60, there is something about a well timed fart that is always going to be funny. This poor hippo probably did not realize that he was about to become a star for all of the wrong reasons, however.

Those who are not willing to partake in such potty humor are urged to exit stage left, right now. This post is for all of the inner children out there who still find things like this funny. This is quite the safari and we are glad that we had the chance to meet Harry the hippo. Hippos are some of the most gentle and peaceful creatures in the world.

On the other hand, these are the types of farts that us humans can only aspire to. If we could produce a noise like this one, we would let it rip all the timeā€¦.just saying. Some might find this disgusting but we are just jealous. Any self respecting person would be proud to match the raw power produced by this megaton bomb fart.

There are no further words to describe the clip below. You will simply need to see it for yourself. This is one of the most hilarious videos that we have ever seen and we defy anyone to come tell us that it is too juvenile to laugh at. Be sure to share this with anyone who could potentially give the hippo a run for his money!

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