Tiny, Pet-Killing Toads Are Invading A Florida Neighborhood

At the moment there is a Florida suburb that is facing an infestation of biblical proportions as thousands of small cane toads are swarming nearly every surface in the neighbourhood of Palm Beach Gardens. 

They might look harmless, but the tiny frogs are actually a very lethal menace, as they can be extremely dangerous to pets as well as children. 

The small toads are impossible to dodge, as they’ve invaded lawns, sidewalks, and pools. They are attracted to leftover pet food outside, which leads them to be congregating most near areas with families that have pets.

The cane toad is an invasive species that has been taking over the south of Florida, and as the species has multiplied, the toads have killed off many pets and native wildlife. 

Regarding the amphibians in the neighbourhood, it seems that they’ve beenbreeding in the community’s lake. And the bad news for residents is it doesn’t seem like the overflow is going to stop any time soon. Recent rainy weather coupled with warm temperatures have caused the breeding cycle and threatens to cause the toads to spread for several more weeks.  

For anyone that is near the Palm Beach Gardens area, people are being encouraged to keep children and pets indoors, as touching or ingesting the toxins that cover the toads, can be extremely dangerous. 

Symptoms of toad poisoning in pets include drooling, loss of coordination, head-shaking, and convulsions. If you suspect that your pet might have been poisoned by a cane toad, you can rinse their mouth out using a hose, but be sure to run the water in the side of your pet’s mouth, with their head pointed down in order to flush out the toxins and avoid it doing down their throats. Once this is done it is imperative that you get them to the nearest emergency vet.

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