Pit Bull Brothers Left At Shelter Cry Whenever They’re Apart

Zeus and Country thought that they were living the good life. They were living together in Virginia with their owner and all seemed to be well. Unfortunately, their idyllic existence was interrupted when the owner was forced to move and could not take the boys along. The SPCA of Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties became their new home and this is where they have been residing ever since.

These dogs are as friendly as they come and the only thing that exceeds their love of people is their love of each other. They are happy puppies who like to give lots and lots of kisses. Their personalities allow them to handle the difficulties of shelter life without much of a challenge. The only thing that they cannot bear to deal with is being apart for an extended period of time.

The brothers whimper and cry until they are finally reunited with each other. They simply cannot stand to be separated. If Zeus and Country are not with each other at all times, they are quick to let the world know how much they miss one another. Since they have already had their family and their home taken away from them, it is easy to see why the brothers react in such a manner. Their bond is all that they have.

Zeus and Country do not need much in this world besides each other. This makes finding a forever home somewhat challenging because they are a package deal. In an ideal universe, the two dogs would be provided a home where they could lots of time outside. The boys love to run and play. An active family would suit their needs best.

As long as these two brothers get to remain together, they do not have any other requirements to speak of. Their temperament makes them a perfect fit in any number of different situations. It is our sincere hope that these two brothers find a forever home as soon as possible. If you would like to provide some much needed assistance, be sure to speak with the the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties.

In the meantime, take a moment to share this story with your friends and loved ones. You simply never know, Zeus and Country’s next home could be much closer than you think. Please do not hesitate to pass this story along today.

If you’re interested in adopting Country and Zeus, you can contact the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties for more information.

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