Puppy Jumps In Front Of Mom To Save Her From Poisonous Snake

When we have a dog in our family, we quickly come to realize exactly what they can mean to us. They are as close to us as any human family member and sometimes, they may even be just a little bit closer. If there’s one thing that we recognize about them it’s the fact that they show unconditional love. If you have never experienced this in your own life, you can experience it through the eyes of this woman and what her dog did for her.

Paula Godwin is a resident of Arizona and last Friday, she was out on a walk with her two dogs. She wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of her and she almost stepped on something that was directly in her path. It was a rattlesnake and since she had walked right up on it, it was about ready to bite her in the leg, purely out of self-defense.

Godwin was fortunate enough to have a golden retriever puppy with her. His name is Todd and he rushed right at the snake, standing in between the snake and his mom to block the snake bite.

The snake did bite but rather than biting Godwin on the leg, it bit Todd on the muzzle.

This is what she wrote on her Facebook page: “He jumped right in front of my leg where I surely would have got bit. This is what a hero looks like.”

Immediately after Todd was bitten, he started yelping and the swelling began. Godwin rushed him to the animal hospital, which was only a few minutes away. He was treated with an anti-venom and stayed at the hospital for the rest of the day.

Godwin admits that it was a very frightening experience but she is thankful for her brave puppy and thankful that the day didn’t turn out worse.

Rattlesnakes don’t typically bite but if they are threatened, they may bite out of self-defense. When a human is bitten by a rattlesnake, a can cause a lot of pain and symptoms such as numbness, a difficulty with breathing and blurred vision. Rattlesnake bites are rarely deadly for humans.

Todd is recuperating and back on his feet. He is also getting plenty of love from his mom and nursing a wound on the side of his nose.

People from all over the world have reached out to Todd for his devotion and bravery. You better believe that he is going to get plenty of treats.

Godwin said: “My sweet Todd for sure is my hero. He is recovering so well. I feel I have to say that the man upstairs surely is watching out for me, too.”

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