Retractable Leashes: Dangerous And Deadly For Dogs And Humans

When it comes to making sure that our dogs are safe, there is a wide range of considerations that need to be made. One of the things that we might take for granted is the presence of a retractable leash. Lots of pet owners have them in their homes. Some of you might even be preparing to use one as we speak. These leashes are thought to be the best choice in most instances.

Dogs like to roam, right? So it only makes sense to provide them with a leash that allows them to do so. However, experts are issuing warnings that should stop any pet owner dead in their tracks. The retractable leashes can cause a number of issues. Joy was forced to contend with the injuries that took place when one of the leashes snapped while her daughter was using it.

When the leash broke, a piece of metal became lodged in the child’s face. She suffered severe eye damage and surgery was needed in order to correct the issue. The little girl is also going to experience permanent damages as a result of these injuries. Her family has filed a lawsuit against the company and believes they should be held responsible.

These products do not always come with the proper warning labels and dog owners find themselves wondering what sort of legal recourse is available to them. Some of the companies that offer these leashes actually do provide detailed instructions. Others suggest that those who use the leashes should be willing to wear long pants and gloves as well.

Dogs may love these sorts of leashes but it is on the parent to be as careful as possible. They need to make sure that they are doing everything in their power to keep their pets safe. Some pet owners are claiming that the dog experienced burns because of the leashes. Others have reported severe lacerations. These leashes are not as good of an idea as we would like to think they are.

They offer owners the chance to let their pets roam but at what cost? The strings of the cord are easily snapped and the dog can still get away relatively quickly. A dog may also jerk the cord in a way that causes their own injury. Please pass this story along to your friends and loved ones as soon as possible, so that more injuries can be prevented.

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