Social Worker Lived Quietly But The Community Is Shaken After He Dies And They Learn The Truth

When you live a life as a social worker, you would think that you spend your days doing social items. That may be true in some cases but not with Alan Naiman. He was unmarried, childless and kept to himself as much as he could. He passed away when he was only 63-years-old.

Alan was known to be a thrifty individual and sometimes, he took his frugal behavior to the extreme. For example, he wouldn’t buy a new pair of shoes when he could duct-tape his old shoes together. Social workers are not exactly raking in the big bucks so saving some money here and there is perfectly understandable.

When Alan passed away, a deep secret he had been hiding came to light. Suddenly, everyone in the community realized why he had been so tight with his money and it took them by surprise.

Alan tried his best to avoid spending money. When he would go out with friends, it was for fast-food and he would hand out at the deli to save money on last-minute deals. He worked extra jobs to rake in some more cash and even purchased his clothing at a grocery store to get the discount.

He worked in the Seattle Washington area and understood the struggles that life could throw at you. That included what his brother had to go through with a developmental disability. He didn’t speak often of his brother or the foster children he had cared for throughout the years.

When his brother diet in 2013, he got a new sports car as a treat but saved the rest of his money. He continued to hold onto it until he passed and people were made aware of the fortune he had, of around $11 million. The money had been earmarked for specific charities.

Some of those charities were unaware that they had the money coming and they didn’t even know Alan personally. The following is from Barbara Drennan, founder of the Pediatric Interim Care Center said:

“We would never dream that something like this would happen to us. I wish very much that I could have met him. I would have loved to have had him see the babies he’s protecting.”

Her organization received $2.5 million to help babies wean of chemical dependence when they are born to drug-abuse mothers. Alan called her center about 10 years ago. She remembers going to get the baby in the middle of the night but never met Alan.

The Treehouse foster care organization was another beneficiary that received $900,000. Alan took his foster children to their warehouse to get clothing, toys, and other necessary items. Treehouse’s chief development officer, Jessica Ross was impressed that he was so committed:

“The frugality that he lived through, that he committed to in his life, was for this. It’s really a gift to all of us to see that pure demonstration of philanthropy and love.”

Alan deserved praise for what he did while he was alive but after he died, people realized what he was made of.

He lived a life of need to help save children in need.


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