Starting This Year, Amazon Will Ship a 7-Foot Christmas Tree to Your Home

You can find just about everything you need on Amazon. Consumers can shop for household products and throw in some DVD’s and purchase a gift for Mom as well.  But now the company has taken it one step further starting this year they will be offering shoppers a new way to purchase the most important part of the Christmas holiday.

You guessed it Amazon will be shipping 7-foot Christmas tree directly to you for your holiday decorating–not an artificial one (which you can also purchase) but a REAL LIVE Christmas tree.

Amazon will begin shipping Christmas trees in November. Amazon guarantees the 7-foot Fraser firs will be sent within 10 days of being cut on a farm in North Carolina.

This may sound like a far fetched story that someone made up but actually Amazon was shipping 3 foot trees last year.  Due to the success of that holiday product the company decided to expand to the 7 foot trees.

Price has yet to be revealed for the holiday centerpiece, what are your predictions?  Will they be comparable to the trees that sell on the corner or will they have a higher ticket price?

Are you shocked at this announcement or did you expect it?


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