Stray Pitbull Begs Woman To Look At What’s Inside His Mouth

When this dog was in search of help, she was not about to sit around and hope for the best. She wanted to take matters into her own hands. This proactive pup knew that she would need to find someone who cared and wasted no time doing so. The homeless dog found the right porch to hop onto and when Christianna Willis met her, all she could do was burst into tears.

She saw that the dog’s teeth had been filed down and yanked out of her head. This woman could not believe that someone would choose to treat an animal this cruelly. Once she regained her composure, she took to Craigslist to fire off a rant about the situation. Willis let the world know that the animal had been overbred and that she would probably need to be put down.

What happened next will shock you. Mama Jade had more support than she realized. The aforementioned post started to circulate and people came forward to assist her. They did not want her story to end this way. Mama Jade did not need to be put down after all. All she needed was a little bit of financial assistance, so that she could receive the medical care she required.

As it turns out, she was able to receive far more than just a little bit of care. Mama Jade got her own Facebook page and received over 80,000 likes in short order. The outpouring of support changed her life and it all started because one special woman was willing to take a chance on her. She got the care that she needed and will finally get the chance to fully heal.

Mama Jade is now resting peacefully and you will never guess who her new mother is. That’s right, it is Willis! This woman knew that she could never allow Mama Jade to go back out into the cold, cruel world again. We are so glad to hear it. Stories like these do not always have the happiest endings. That is what makes us appreciate this one so much.

If your heart was warmed like ours, be sure to pass this awesome story along to your closest friends and loved ones. They are sure to appreciate the story of Mama Jade and the good Samaritan that is responsible for saving her life.

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