Tim Conway’s Family Breaks Silence With News Leaving Fans Devastated

Tim Conway is well known for being one of the world’s premier funny men. Whether you have seen him on the Carol Burnett Show or you are more familiar with Dorf, you have certainly chuckled at his antics in the past. After years of bringing laughter into the lives of everyone, he has received a medical diagnosis that made the world stop in its tracks.

His brilliant comedic mind is starting to slip away from him. Conway has been diagnosed with dementia and his family is doing everything possible to ensure that he lives out his final days in a state of comfort. The news has been revealed to the world after court documents were obtained. His daughter Kelly is working tirelessly to honor her dad’s wishes.

She is looking to become his conservator so she is able to properly manage his health and his treatments. Unfortunately, Kelly is alleging that her father’s wife does not have very much interest in assisting him. Right now, Tim is staying at a top notch nursing facility and Tim’s wife Charlene is looking to move him out. Kelly does not want to see this happen.

She understands that her father can no longer take care of himself and is doing all that she can. Her dedication to her father’s health is definitely admirable. The facility that Charlene is looking to transfer Tim to will not have the same caliber of nurses. Right now, he has an around the clock caretaker and is struggling to swallow on his own.

His dementia has left him in a state of non responsiveness. What is even more amazing is that Conway remained active in the world of comedy even as his symptoms continued to progress. When you are as passionate about something as he is, you remain dedicated to the very end. He did not allow his advancing age to keep him from pursuing all of his goals and dreams.

Conway never let himself lose sight of what he truly loved to do and that was making people laugh. We wish him all of the best going forward. His family needs to come to a resolution so that he can live out the rest of his days without having to endure any added difficulties. If you would like to watch some of Tim’s most classic moments, be sure to check out the video below and pass it along to your loved ones.

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